About Us

Kinetics Integrated Engineering (KIE), a sub-division of ST Engineering Land Systems Ltd., provides customised solutions, products and services in the area of rapid deployment, specialty vehicles, contract manufacturing and engineering design for the defence and commercial markets.

For more information about ST Engineering Land Systems Ltd., please visit https://www.stengg.com/en/land-systems/

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KIE is the One-Stop Shop service provider equipped in providing:

  • Integration expertise
  • Product adaptation and customisation
  • Contract manufacturing value-added services
  • High end manufacturing quality



  • We believe in achieving efficiency and effectiveness through teamwork and partnership with our customers, suppliers and stakeholders.
  • We will establish a working environment that promotes “thinking out-of-the box” and positive risk-taking to complement the structured and risk mitigation nature in us.
  • We will not shy from experimenting with new ideas, be innovative in our approaches and creating a fun-filled workplace.
  • In our effort to create value for our shareholders and employees, we are constantly mindful to drive cost down, maintain reasonable pricing and eliminate inefficiency.