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Medical Vehicles

Modular cabin

modular cabin
  • Universal design - can be fitted onto various chassis cab
  • Low freight cost - can be sea freight by standard 20" ISO HR container
  • Low tax tariff - can be categorised as non-vehicular
  • Easy fitment - straight forward installation procedures onto chassis cab
  • Low product life cycle cost - choice to replace chassis and rear cabin separately

Class 4 Emergency Ambulance

Class 4 01 Class 4 02 Class 4 03
Class 4 04 Class 4 05  


  • Capable of accommodating 2 lying patients or 1 lying and 3 seated patients in a single trip
  • Air suspensions installed to facilitate loading of patients with ease
  • 3-men convertible bench seat
  • Aerodynamic design on dome light compartment
  • Customised design of Electrical Power Management system with power conservation function
  • Conform to “Star-of-Life” classification as Emergency Ambulance
  • Conform to Ambulance Manufacturing Division (AMD) standard for rear compartment shelter body



Class 3 Emergency Ambulance

SCDF Ambulance Fleet View Rear
Renault Master Handover 3 Renault Master Handover 7 Renault Master 3
  • Ergonomic and customized design to suit users requirements
  • Customized aluminium interior for longevity and integral strength



Medical Decontamination and Treatment Vehicle

Decontamination 01 Decontamination 02 Decontamination 03


Decontamination 04 Decontamination 05


  • Automated external overhead canopies
  • Quick setup and ready within 10 mins
  • Fitted with necessary stores and equipment, such as integrated shower systems on board and decontamination tents



Fire Fighting Vehicles

Large Monitor Vehicle

Large Monitor Vehicle 01 Large Monitor Vehicle 02
Large Monitor Vehicle 03


  • Flow rate of 6,000 gallon per min (gpm)
  • Trailer based



Fast Attack Response Vehicle

Fast Attack 01 Fast Attack 02 Fast Attack 03


  • Optimum flow range of 3,000 to 4,000 gallons per min (gpm)
  • Dual axle trailer comes with forward stabilisers, towing couplings and connectors
  • Customised storage locker compartments
  • Foam connection manifold for monitoring nozzle and auxiliary foam outlet/inlet



Containerised Solutions

Portable Body Cooling Unit

Medical Portable 01 Medical Portable 02 Medical Portable 03
P1070637 P1070657 Trolley-Bed-Position-1


  • Body Cooling Unit System for the treatment of heat-exhausted patients
  • Design of the Atomisation Spray System for body cooling function
  • Expandable and close mode operation
  • Use water and compressed air to produce fine mist
  • Commercially deployable on standard ISO trailer



All Terrain Vehicles

Amphibious Articulated Vehicle (ExtremV)

Amphibious 01 Amphibious 02 Amphibious 03
Amphibious 07 Amphibious 08 Amphibious 09
Amphibious 10 Amphibious 11 Amphibious 12
Amphibious 13 Amphibious 05  


  • Ergonomic and spacious design accommodates 24 people, including the driver
  • High payload of 5 tonnes allows a wide range of configuration for multi missions – from emergency rescue and medical evacuation, to logistics transportation and fire fighting
  • Rubber track and articulated design allows for operations on difficult terrain, including muddy land, soft ground, snow, rubble and water bodies



Amphitruck (Humdinga)

Amphibious 01 Amphibious 02 Amphibious 03
Amphibious 07 Amphibious 08 Amphibious 09


  • A user friendly 4WD product that replaces three vehicles - a truck, a boat and a trailer, which can operate at highway speeds on land and over 50km/h on water.
  • Designed for multiple amphibious purposes including rescue, patrol, disaster relief as well as recreational activities.
  • Flexible platform configuration allows adaption of multiple missions.



Other Specialty Vehicles

Inmate Escort Vehicle

Inmate 01 Inmate 02 Inmate 03


  • Escort inmate to and fro prison and court
  • Customised stainless steel cabin and seats
  • Capable of housing 8 inmates in a single trip



Quick Response Vehicle

Quick Response 01 Quick Response 03


quick1 quick2 quick3


  • Seating capacity of 7 passengers
  • Customised interior solutions
  • Specialised bull bar and roof racks