Modular cabin

modular cabin
  • Universal design - can be fitted onto various chassis cab
  • Low freight cost - can be sea freight by standard 20" ISO HR container
  • Low tax tariff - can be categorised as non-vehicular
  • Easy fitment - straight forward installation procedures onto chassis cab
  • Low product life cycle cost - choice to replace chassis and rear cabin separately

Class 4 Emergency Ambulance

Class 4 01 Class 4 02 Class 4 03
Class 4 04 Class 4 05  


  • Capable of accommodating 2 lying patients or 1 lying and 3 seated patients in a single trip
  • Air suspensions installed to facilitate loading of patients with ease
  • 3-men convertible bench seat
  • Aerodynamic design on dome light compartment
  • Customised design of Electrical Power Management system with power conservation function
  • Conform to “Star-of-Life” classification as Emergency Ambulance
  • Conform to Ambulance Manufacturing Division (AMD) standard for rear compartment shelter body



Class 3 Emergency Ambulance

SCDF Ambulance Fleet View Rear
Renault Master Handover 3 Renault Master Handover 7 Renault Master 3
  • Ergonomic and customized design to suit users requirements
  • Customized aluminium interior for longevity and integral strength