Special Processes

Heat Treatment

Heat 01 Heat 04 Tempering 
Heat 03 Heat 08
Vacuum Furnace l Heat 02

Some of the heat treatment processes provided include:

  • Gas nitriding
  • Carburising
  • Carbonitriding
  • Vacuum annealing
  • Solution treatment
  • Hardening and tempering
  • Precipitation hardening
  • Normalising and stress relieving
  • Sub-Zero and cryogenic treatment


Comprehensive range of heat treatment furnaces:

  • Vacuum
  • Atmospheric
  • Pit
  • Cryogenic



Thermal Welding

Welding 01 Thermal-Welding 02
Thermal-Welding 04 Thermal-Welding 05


We perform specialised welding processes on various types of materials such as titanium and stainless steel:

  • Gas Tungsten-Arc welding (GTA)
  • Gas Metal-Arc welding (GMA)
  • Shielded Metal - Arc welding (SMA)
  • Electron beam welding
  • Robotic welding
  • Fusion welding



Robotic Cold Spray

Spray 01 Spray 02 Spray 03


The uniqueness of Cold Spray technology lies in its ability to produce a coating at relatively low temperature, thereby avoiding or minimising many negative high temperature reactions which are characteristics of typical thermal spray coatings:

  • High Nickel spray
  • Tungsten Carbide spray
  • Ceramic spray
  • Aluminium spray
  • Dissimilar materials spray
  • Hard facing spray
  • Corrosion resistant spray



Chemical Plating

Hard Chrome Plating 03
Plating 04


Our fully equipped chemical finishing laboratory facilities provide these services:

  • Hard-chrome plating
  • Copper plating
  • Zinc and Manganese phosphate plating
  • Selective (or localised) plating



NDT Testing

8 NDT 3 Testing 01 Surface Preparation rev  
8 NDT rev NDT r1



Our services have benefited our customers in mitigating material, component and product failures right from the beginning of their processes:

  • FPI
  • MPI
  • Ultrasonic inspection
  • X-ray inspection
  • Dye penetration inspection